How to Boost Cucumber Production in Nigeria

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AgroReaders Before i start with what practice you should consider for a better cucumber output. I will quickly give a brief introduction of the said crop.

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1. Introduction

Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. Cucumber is a vegetable that thrives well in tropical climates where there is sufficient amount of water and sunlight. These veggies have the ability to crawl, making them an easy crop to plant in an enclosed area.
There are four major type of cucumber plant;

  1. Slicing
  2. Pickling
  3. Burpless, and
  4. Space savers

1. Slicing Variety e.g

Dasher II : This particular variety is popular in Nigeria and most tropical African countries. It has a dark green color, and this hybrid variety is also disease resistant. It produces white spinned fruits in a space of 50 - 55 days that is if all agronomic/farming practices are adhered to.
This particular variety grows as long as 8.5 inches (0.22 m) in length and are best grown vertically to aid easy harvest. Another thing of note is that they taste very well in our meals.
Others varieties;
Straight Eight, Slice Master Hybrid, Raider,Marketmore 80, Marketmore 76, Greensleeves. e.t.c

2. Pickling Variety e.g

Pickle Bush: This variety takes about 52 days to attain full maturity. It's tasty with high nutrition. It has a deep green colour that is accompanied by green stripes. This variety is 4.5 inches long and 1.2 inches across, and they have a pickle look which makes the vines compact to about 2-2.5 feet long. They can be grown in containers.

Others varieties;
Saladin, Regal, National Pickling, County Fair 83, Northern pickle, Homemade pickle, Eureka, Wisconsin SMR58.

3. Burpless Varieties e.g

Burpless Hybrid; This variety can grow up to 12 inches long, but it is more palatable if picked at 8 or 10 inches. It is fully mature for harvest in 55 days. High yield over long season.

Other varieties ;
Sweet Slice, Orient Express e.t.c

4. Space Savers Varieties e.g

Salad Bush; It takes this variety 57 days to attain full maturity, it a dwaft plant which is 24 inches tall and wide approximately. They are mostly grown in containers, and they are High yielding cucumber hybrid.

Other Varieties;
Space master, Pot Luck, Fanfare, Bush Whopper, Bush Crop, Bush Champion.

2. How to boost Cucumber production;

If you are seeing reduced yield in your output that means your are not adhering to certain Agronomic principles that will booster production. I went through it all to give you a brief introduction on Cucumber as a plant. I will be giving Agroreaders a brief overview of this tips ;

Select an improved variety;

Your choice of variety goes along way on how successful your garden produce will be, different varieties are used to achieve different needs. But most importantly choose a disease resistant variety. This can come handy when you garden is being attacked by Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) or Downy mildew (DM) to mention a few. But note that just having a resistant variety is not the only requirement for an increase in production. Lastly each cucumber variety serves a specific need, do browse the variety list above to learn more about them.

Site Selection;

Grow cucumber at full sunlight to enhance photosynthetic intake although optimum growth can also be achieved in partial shade. Cucumbers prefer a soil pH of 5.5 to 6.8 and does well in well drained soil that is rich in organic matter.


plant cucumber at a space of 18 to 36 inches apart. Although Bush varieties are able to tolerate a closer spacing. Seedlings should be well-placed in rows to enable ease of irrigation when required.

Raise your Crop above ground level ;

This is very important, when cucumber are lifted vertically above ground level they tend to perform well and fruit won't decay due to the acidic nature of the soil. You can start staking them vertically immediately you notice that they have started flowering.

Prevention of fungal and nematodes disease;

Try as much as possible to avoid overhead irrigation, because this increases the moisture of the soil and also the fruit and leaves leading to an accumulation of this mentioned diseases, the garden should be free of weeds to avoid further fungal infections. Drip irrigation is recommended.

Sort out infected cucumbers;

Cucumbers that have been infected should be excluded from the non infected one, this will go along way in checkmating disease spread in your garden.

AgroReaders, following this quick guide will increase cucumber yield and will also improve crop quality.

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